The LEC Pipeline program is a classroom re-imagining experience, consisting of design-thinking curriculum piloted to elementary and middle school students. Co-developed by Jennifer Hack Wolf of Below the Fold, the 2 week session is facilitated by LEC, and meant to introduce self-guided design-thinking exercises as a way for students to experience classroom teaching. The goal of the Pipeline program is to empower students with the knowledge and experience of teaching and leading a classroom, to increase the number of students interested in pursuing teaching as a career path. 

Download the Pipeline Curriculum

In efforts to provide unique and supplemental resources to our parents and teachers at home with students during the COVID-19 citywide quarantine, we are making this 6-lesson curriculum available to everyone! Curriculum can be modified and is appropriate for students in grades 4 through 8. We will be releasing a new lesson every other day, so check back for more! These booklets below are available for download, and can be printed or filled out directly on the .pdf to complete. LEC would love to see your progress and hear how it went. Contact us if you have any questions! Happy design-thinking!



For more information on how to bring Pipeline to your classroom, contact us!