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Posted 12 months ago

Mission: The GreenLight Fund helps transform the lives of low-income children, youth and families in Kansas City by creating local infrastructure and a consistent annual process to:
• Identify critical needs
• Import innovative, entrepreneurial programs that can have a significant, measurable impact, and
• Galvanize local support to help programs reach and sustain impact in Kansas City
Model: Each year the GreenLight Fund runs a diligence and selection process in which we choose one nonprofit organization that does not yet have a presence in Kansas City, but has an outstanding record of success in other cities. We fund and support their launch in Kansas City with a multi-year transplant grant. Our process begins by identifying unmet, urgent needs and opportunities in Kansas City and then sourcing a pipeline of innovative, high-performing organizations that successfully address these needs in other parts of the country. We vet these organizations in partnership with our Selection Advisory Council, and ultimately make a grant of at least $600,000 to one organization. We work closely with the selected organization to create effective local partnerships, build their team, and launch the program with aggressive local growth and demonstrable outcomes.

Selection Advisory Council: Selection Advisory Council (SAC) members work with the GreenLight Kansas City executive director to identify unmet, urgent needs and vet organizations based on their potential to meet local needs with measurable results and significant impact. To be selected, organizations must have proven results, the potential to meet identified needs with high impact and achieve long-term sustainability. The SAC members’ contributions are critical to GreenLight’s selection process. SAC members provide:

  1. Informed Insight. In group discussion at meetings and one-on-one conversations with GreenLight’s executive director, SAC members are critical to GreenLight’s ability to identify needs in Kansas City and evaluate potential grantees against these needs. Members provide insights into the efficacy of the program model and the likelihood of the program achieving significant results in the community such that the executive director can select the organization best positioned for success in Kansas City.
  2. Relevant Contacts. Adequate vetting of organizations requires speaking with many community members. SAC members help GreenLight target and access the right people to get the necessary information.
  3. Ongoing Engagement. Members serve as informal contacts during the planning and implementation phase of selected organizations establishing their model in the local community. SAC members help GreenLight and its portfolio organizations identify and access community partners, staff talent, potential board members and other supporters.

Commitment: The GreenLight Fund selects one new grantee to join its portfolio of innovative, evidence-based, high impact nonprofit organizations each year. The SAC meets a minimum of 3 times during the year-long selection process, and members are available to GreenLight staff periodically as needed and available.

Member Profile & Opportunity: The SAC is an intentionally cross-sector group made up of community, business and nonprofit leaders with commitment to finding solutions for families experiencing poverty in Kansas City. GreenLight recruits and accepts new SAC members on an ongoing basis that can add value to the current membership, meet the member profile and fulfill the required commitment.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Members of the Selection Advisory Council believe that elevating the diversity of experiences, ideas, individuals, and organizations in our community makes the GreenLight Fund process in Kansas City stronger and that to create a more just and engaged world, we must embrace and celebrate diversity, practice inclusion, and champion equity.

About the GreenLight Fund: The GreenLight Fund was founded in Boston in 2004 by Margaret Hall and John Simon. Today, GreenLight works in six communities across the country: Boston, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, and most recently, Atlanta. Since its founding, the GreenLight Fund supported the expansion and launch of 23 exceptional nonprofit programs into our communities where they were desperately needed. Collectively these organizations now reach more than 72,000 children, youth and families across the country. We have invested nearly $18 million in our organizations, leveraging an additional $84 million in other contributions since their launch with GreenLight.

Once GreenLight selects a portfolio organization, it supports them in the following ways:
• Funding ($600,000 – $800,000) over four years
• Recruiting top talent for staff and board leadership
• Connecting the organization to key people and partners they will need to be successful
• Taking a seat on the local board of the organization to support organizational development, effective governance, ongoing fund development, strategic planning and fiscal management

• Showcasing portfolio organizations to a large network of prospective donors each year
• Monitoring organizations’ progress toward impact and sustainability

GreenLight Fund’s Values:
Innovative – We believe social change requires using new approaches, taking risks, and learning from our successes and failures. We encourage colleagues and partners to be ambitious and act.
Committed to Excellence – We hold ourselves to high standards in the quality and professionalism of our work, while supporting our portfolio organizations, our communities, and our colleagues. We focus on what matters most and how we are uniquely positioned to create change.
Collaborative – We value and seek input from our colleagues, portfolio organizations, partners and supporters to shape, inform and improve our work. Our relationships with each other are central to achieving impact.
Rooted in Community – We put our communities at the center of our work. We work with communities to attract the solutions they need, when they need them in order to increase economic mobility and address persistent, systemic lack of access to opportunity for low-income residents
Focused on Sustainability – The social change our communities are working towards takes time. Fueled by passion for this work, we are committed to working sustainably over long periods of time to make lasting change. To this end, we are focused on the sustainability of our portfolio organizations, our GreenLight sites and our staff.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Believing deeply in the inherent dignity of all people we hold that we are more effective, and our communities better served, by diverse and inclusive teams. Diversity and inclusion are two steps on a journey towards the kind of equity that enriches us all. We will be persistent in this journey, and the learnings it will provoke.

If you are interested in the GreenLight Fund – Kansas City Selection Advisory Council, please contact Sarah Haberberger at shaberberger@greenlightfund.org

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