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Posted 11 months ago

The Learning Club seeks a Director for the Learning Club Teaching Internship who is passionate about
serving at-risk children from Kindergarten through high school, skilled with managing a large group of
children and interns, and creative in finding ways to better assist children with academic, social, and
behavioral challenges. This professional will organize, coordinate, and lead about 80 high school interns
at four Learning Club sites (about 20 per site) to tutor younger students after school. The Director will
be responsible for hiring interns, training and supervising the interns, maintaining records, working with
partners at the schools and in the community, and coordinating the logistics of transportation. An
Assistant Director and Support Staff Member will work with the Director to provide support.

Inquiries and résumés may be directed to Laura Swan, Director of Operations. (734) 308-9399,, Learning Club, 2203 Parallel Ave. Kansas City, KS 66104

Job Requirements:
• Experience in classroom with high school and/or elementary school students
• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education or similar field
• Ability to work four evenings (Mon – Thurs) per week during the academic year
• Ability to communicate well orally and in writing with students of various ages, parents, families,
school administrators, and volunteers from the community
• Openness to working in an office where faith is occasionally discussed openly

Specific duties include:
• Facilitating a training program for the interns each week related to education or leadership
• Supervising the interns as well as the younger students who they will be tutoring at each site
(Each of the four intern groups will tutor one day per week, Mon-Thurs)
• Coordinating relationships with the public high schools in KCK, recruiting interns from each
school, and communicating with school liaisons as needed
• Maintaining intern records and paperwork
• Supervising the Assistant Director of Learning Club Internship and a Support Staff Member,
delegating tasks to them as needed
• Helping the Learning Club program evolve over time as we seek better ways to fulfill our mission
and serve the most marginalized children
• Connecting with community partners to provide information and opportunities for students
• Other duties as assigned by Executive Director or Director of Operations

Work Schedule:
Hours/Schedule: ~40 hours/week; Mon, Tues and Thurs until ~6:00pm, Weds until 5:00pm, Fridays
flexible. Full time employment is scheduled for late July through late May, with a possibility of part-time
summer employment.

Location: Office at Blessed Sacrament site, 2203 Parallel Ave., Kansas City, KS. After-school programs
are at four locations in the urban core of KCK.

Compensation: Competitive with similar professional level jobs in the field of education; ~$46,000-
52,000/year salary plus benefits.
Start Date: July 2020.

More detailed information regarding the job of Director of Learning Club Teaching Internship

The Director will be responsible for student management:
• Managing interns and younger students at each site in a professional and kind way that sets clear
expectations for good behavior and focused study. Desired behavior should be modeled,
discussed, and positively reinforced.
• Monitoring academic and social-emotional growth of students; work to address areas of concern.
• Maintaining a full enrollment of interns and younger students for the site, including calling or
texting parents/students to remind them of program start and end dates, field trips, etc.
• Recruiting younger students as needed by coordinating with the traditional Site Director.
• Learning interns’ and students’ names in a timely fashion.
• Building relationships with families via phone, notes, and in person.
• Attempting to contact interns and younger students who are absent more than one session.
• Helping to plan the Learning Club summer program as needed, including any intern involvement.
• Reporting any issues of concern with students, volunteers, or community partners to the
Executive Director and/or Director of Operations in a timely manner.
• Keeping accurate registration forms and attendance records for interns and younger students.
• Completing any other tasks to ensure a professional program that helps interns and younger
students develop a love for learning and grow in social, emotional, and academic skills.
Intern Management:
• Improving and further developing our intern training program and implementing it at each site.
• Recruiting and maintaining enough interns at each site to allow for one-on-one tutoring.
• Providing periodic feedback to interns expressing gratitude, correction, and encouragement.
• Addressing the individual needs of interns as they relate to being successful in our program.
• Maintaining records, including accurate attendance records and USDA snack program records.
Other Duties:
• Supervising and working with an Assistant Director, who will help with transportation,
orientations, signing in students, set up, record keeping, training sessions, and closing sessions.
• Maintaining contact with people from the community as it relates to the site or the program in
general, including the principals and/or other key faculty from the schools, people responsible
for the site location, and other Learning Club staff.
• Meeting with Learning Club staff every week to check on progress and plan for the future.
• Having a working knowledge of the Learning Club Child Protection Policy and other relevant
policies and working to ensure that the policies are implemented at each site.
• Planning and leading at least one service/field trip for interns each year.
• Ensuring that an adequate supply of all materials are on hand at each site.
• Occasionally assisting other staff with presentations in the wider community.
• Assisting with traditional tutoring sessions or other Learning Club sessions, if available.
• Occasionally attending workshops, webinars, and seeking out meetings with people in the
community to help us continue to build a better program for our interns and younger students.

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