Virtual Career Fairs


During the COVID-19 crisis, the LEC has been hosting virtual check-ins with our community of Latinx educators (both current and prospective) and as educators are looking past COVID-19, they’re interested in exploring their career options. We hear you. In order to better connect our members to continuing education opportunities, districts, and charter schools that are hiring. On April 24, 2020, the LEC hosted our first ever virtual career fair (VCF) via live stream on our social media pages.

  1. Organizations are asked the following questions: 
    •  Tell us about your district/charter and highlight what makes your district/charter a great workplace environment.
    • How do you support Latinx educators?
    • What are your current available positions?
    • What qualities/skills are you looking for in candidates?
  2. After the live stream, the LEC will connect interested candidates directly to leaders within these organizations.