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Local Residents react to Trump’s debate performance, COVID diagnosis

KC Hispanic News, October 8, 2020 –

President Donald Trump returned to the White House on Monday evening after having spent the weekend at Maryland’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as questions swirled amid his positive test for

Media pundits and politicians alike expressed frustration at the lack of transparency from Trump’s medical team, and that frustration was only
exacerbated by video released of the being driven outside the grounds of the hospital, waving to supporters. Under the U.S. Constitution, after the Vice President, the second in line for the presidency is the Speaker of the House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who receives daily intelligence and national security briefings, said on Monday that she has only learned about the president’s condition and related updates through the media, not through the White House itself. “This is tragic. It’s very sad,” Pelosi said on MSNBC last week. “But it also is something that, again, going into crowds
unmasked and all the rest was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen.”

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