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New free coaching initiative for district leaders

The Learning Accelerator (TLA) has launched a national, philanthropically-supported initiative to ensure K-12 school districts receive pro bono, urgent, and customized guidance on how to successfully shift to remote learning and prepare for instruction in the fall and beyond.

The Always Ready For Learning Network is a coalition of leading education organizations providing timely, targeted, and sustained coaching to help districts tackle the challenges most relevant to their communities and goals.

District participants can access the hands-on support and related resources for free. Leaders will receive:

· Free, individualized coaching based on where they are and what they need to support anytime, anywhere learning

· Rapid, one-on-one planning focused on providing remote instruction, preparing for back to school, and identifying high-quality resources to support implementation

· Guidance for improvement over time through sustained access to coaches and help thinking through long-term models to provide personalized and differentiated teaching and learning for every student

Learn more and reach out for help here.