Evolución v

October 1, 2022

Evolucíon Latinx Educators conference is offered each year, and brings together educational thought-leaders, teachers, administrators of color, and allies. Check out the 2021 program below.


Breakout #1

Dress Coded: Dual Generation Perspective on School Dress Codes

Eva Santiago & Sophia Herrera

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Participants will hear perspectives from multi-generational speakers regarding today’s school dress code policies. Participants will create a plan for addressing isolating dress code policies in their schools.

Breakout #2

Educator Wellbeing: Healing-Centered Engagement

Dr. Farima Pour-Khorshid

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Participants will be introduced to healing centered engagement as a way to engage in healing practices in & out of the classroom - Healing in the ways we need may need to happen by creating new spaces

Breakout #3

Navigating the In-Between: The Hypervisibility, yet Invisibility, of the Latinx Educator

Dr. Amanda Morales

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Participants will discuss & analyze the role of the Latinx educator in many schools: oftentimes the go-to for DEI projects, translating, etc. &, yet, under-appreciated & acknowledged for their identities & backgrounds. The participants will work together to establish action steps for educators in this situation

Breakout #4

Student Panel: What could education look like?

Multiple Student Presenters

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Participants will hear student perspectives on the trajectory of education & how it could better serve current & future societal needs.

Breakout #5

Missouri Teacher Civic Engagement: The Latinx Impact on Missouri Legislation

Sebastian Shackelford-Barraza

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Participants will hear from individuals in the legislative space regarding current political issues in Missouri & how the Latinx population impacts these issues.

Breakout #6

Problem-Solving for Educators

New Schools Venture Fund, Crystel Harris

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Participants will be analyzing a problem in education to approach it using one’s own strengths combined with the innovative workspace needed to find solutions.
OUR 2021 KEYNOTE Speakers
Who is Evolución designed for?
¿Evolucion está diseñado para?
  • Existing Latinx education professionals looking for culturally responsive professional development. Profesionales de la educación latinx existentes que buscan un desarrollo profesional culturalmente receptivo
  • Future Latinx education professionals looking to grow their professional networks and explore career pathways and opportunities.  Futuros profesionales de la educación latinx que buscan hacer crecer sus redes
    profesionales y explorar caminos y oportunidades profesionales.
  • Educators that teach in school districts with large Latinx student populations and are looking to improve their efficacy. Educadores que enseñan en distritos escolares con grandes poblaciones de estudiantes latinos y buscan mejorar su eficacia
  • Educators of color that are looking to grow their professional networks with other educators of color and acquire culturally responsive resiliency strategies. Educadores de color que buscan hacer crecer sus redes profesionales con otros educadores de color y adquirir estrategias de resiliencia culturalmente sensibles 
2021 Evolución Conference Outcomes.
Resultados de la Conferencia Evolución 2021

  • To develop and cultivate personal & professional relationships among Latinx educators, both in and out of KC, as a way to learn from each other’s experience and build a stronger network. Desarrollar y cultivar relaciones personales y profesionales entre los educadores latinx, tanto dentro como fuera de KC, como una forma de aprender de la experiencia de los demás y construir una red más sólida.
  • To provide development opportunities, strategies, and resources that elevate and support local and national Latinx educators and future educators in the belief that all students, especially Latinx students, can succeed. Brindar oportunidades de desarrollo, estrategias y recursos que eleven y apoyen
    a los educadores latinx locales y nacionales y a los futuros educadores en la creencia de que todos los estudiantes, especialmente los estudiantes latinx,
    pueden tener éxito.
  • To provide participants with learning opportunities to understand what will be on the upcoming 2021 state & local ballot and its impact on the Latinx community and the importance of why the Latinx community needs to show up on election day. Brindar a los participantes oportunidades de aprendizaje para comprender que habrá en la próxima votación estatal y local de 2021 y su impacto en la comunidad Latinx y la importancia de por qué la comunidad Latinx debe presentarse el día de las elecciones.